Introducing the Future of Enduro Bike Frame Design: Cduro’s Epona Frame

CDuro, a trailblazing newcomer in the world of cycling, born from the composite design and automated fibre placement specialist CompoTech Plus. The collaboration is thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated launch of its innovation: an Integrated Loop Technology (ILT) Enduro Bike Frame, The Epona. This revolutionary frame sets a new benchmark for performance, strength, and quality in the world of enduro cycling. Whilst unwavering commitment to innovation with automated manufacturing offers a glimpse to the future of composite frame production.

The Epona

Derived from the namesake of a famous black graded trail in the local Susice mountains on the edge of the Sumava national park (Nationalpark Bayericher Wald). Inspired by the goddess Epona: Goddess of Horses, Travelers & Dreams. Legend says the Celtic Goddess Epona and her white mare bring dreams to you. She helps manifest the dreams if you allow her to accompany you on your path. It’s a perfect analogy for the slack (64˚ head angle) long (475mm reach on the M) and 160mm travel on a light weight high modulus carbon frame. 

Integrated Carbon Fibre Joints and ILT

The CDuro Epona incorporates integrated continuous carbon fibre joints, from a robot assisted fibre laying process, expertly designed to seamlessly blend with the frame’s structure. This approach eradicates potential weak points, providing enhanced load distribution and overall structural integrity.

Furthermore, CompoTech’s Integrated Loop Technology (ILT) is harnessed, reducing the frame’s weight without sacrificing its strength. This unique approach results in a feather-light 2.2kg frame that enhances manoeuvrability, allowing riders to conquer every trail with confidence.

Built on the Foundation of Triangular Stability

At the heart of CDuro’s newest creation is the rock-solid stability of the triangle, inspired by the enduring wisdom of Buckminster Fuller’s words: “The triangle is the most stable of all shapes, and the basis of all structures.” By embracing the straight triangular tubular frame design, CDuro guarantees an unparalleled foundation for cyclists seeking unmatched performance and control on any terrain.

Strength and Targeted Stiffness

CDuro’s commitment to engineering excellence is exemplified by the exclusive use of straight tubes with optimised design of the laminate using aerospace grade High-modulus carbon fibre in this cutting-edge frame. Straight tubes are known for their exceptional resistance to torsional and bending forces, ensuring that the frame can handle the most rigorous conditions. This design choice provides a remarkable level of stability, control, and responsiveness that riders demand.

True, Zero Degrees, Axial-Placed Fibre

CDuro bike frames are reinforced with true, zero degrees, axial-placed fibre, a pioneering approach that aligns high-modulus carbon fibre strands with the primary forces acting on the frame. This strategic placement enhances the frame’s load-bearing capacity, minimising the risk of stress-related fatigue and ensuring a longer lifespan for your trusty two-wheeled companion.

A Game-Changer for Riders, Disrupting Technology

The Bike Frame from CDuro isn’t just another product; it’s a game-changer for riders who demand the best in terms of strength, stability, and performance. With a focus on strength, precision, and innovation, CDuro has redefined the standards of enduro bike frame design. But also in the automated technology behind the frame that CDuro wants to draw a direct line between performance and process.

Join us as we usher in a new era of cycling excellence with Cduro’s Epona enduro / trail  Bike Frame. This is the frame you’ve been waiting for to elevate your riding experience and conquer new trails.

The Epona is available now more details here.