About us

CDuro is an innovative manufacturer of composite mountain bike frames. Developing and disrupting frame production and design with automated fibre placement using advanced winding technology. Specialising in the production of high-quality, lightweight, and durable frames. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to frame manufacturing, utilising cutting-edge technology and materials with in depth testing and analysis to deliver exceptional performance to riders.

Our frames are crafted using carbon composite materials, manufactured through an automated process known as Integrated Loop Technology (ILT), developed and produced by company, Compo Tech. This unique process involves automated fibre winding and placement, eliminating human error and ensuring precision in the production of structural parts. The joining of the components is achieved through carbon fibre loops, seamlessly integrated into the tube structure for enhanced strength and stability.

At CDuro, our design philosophy revolves around creating a strong, stable, and lightweight enduro frame platform. Our frames are built around robot-assisted automated fibre placement technology, guaranteeing consistent quality throughout every step of the manufacturing process.

To ensure the utmost quality and performance, each CDuro frame undergoes rigorous testing and validation procedures. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond production, as we provide exceptional customer support, including warranty services and efficient repair solutions.

We offer our Cduro frame in a set of standard sizes. However, it is possible to customise options and geometry, allowing riders to tailor their CDuro bike frames to their specific preferences and requirements. Our team works closely with customers to understand their needs and deliver personalised solutions that enhance their riding experience.

Choose CDuro for unmatched quality, performance, and innovation in composite enduro bike frames. Join our community of passionate riders and experience the thrill of conquering the trails with confidence and precision.

About Compo Tech

Company Compo Tech was founded in 1995 combining expertise in composite engineering with passion for white-water canoeing. Today CompoTech is leading European producer of composite structures from aerospace to machine parts and yacht masts. Since 2012 they have been involved with academic projects optimising, testing and producing carbon fibre frame tube sets for a road bicycle manufacturer.

With excellent terrain for biking around the Sušice facility, southern Czech Republic, on the edge of the Šumava National Park.   It was only natural to apply the latest automated composite technology to bike frame production and create a mountain bike frame that could handle the local trails.