Robot Assisted Fiber Laying is an automated composite beam manufacturing process

Integrated Loop Technology allows us to make carbon tubes with integrated structural joints. These joints look as loops and give the frame significant raw appearance.

The CDuro bike frame triangle features CompoTech’s Integrated Loop Technology (ILT). ILT is a process that combines the structural composite element, such as a tube, with a joining component or loop. It is used to connect two composite parts or integrate a bushing in a hinging system. The result is a joint integral to the structure from a continuous fibre automated placement process.

Key benefits:

  • Efficient material use – eliminates reinforced patches or over-laminated joints
  • Reduced machining – joint or hole designed into the ILT filament placement process
  • Increases the automation of the part – reduced quality issues and overall production and labour time
  • Stronger joints – especially relevant to parts with tension or bending stresses

The CDuro bike frame was a  JEC World Innovation Award 2023 finalist.